This Blu-ray/DVD Copy Plug-in is developed for the users who lives in a region where reading Blu-ray and copy-protected DVD disc is permitted.By using this Blu-ray/DVD Copy Plug-in, the software Blu-ray Copy and DVD Copy allow the users to copy and clone Blu-ray and copyright protected DVD discs. Therefore, users can backup any Blu-ray and DVD movie on PC or some portable devices, share Blu-ray HD and DVD movies with friends.

How to use Blu-ray/DVD Copy Plug-in?

This plug-in is developed for all users, both commons and professionals. Just follow the steps below.

1. Before using this Blu-ray/DVD Copy Plugin, please make sure you have installed the Blu-ray/DVD Copy.

2. Download the plug-in to your PC. Open it, it shows like below:

3. Tick en option of “Enter the path to the .exe file of the DVD ripping software”.

4. Enter the path to the .exe file of the Blu-ray Copy or DVD Copy by clicking the folder icon next to browser.

5. Click “Ok” button, then the program will pops-up “Congratulations…”, which means you can now use Blu-ra/DVD Copy software to complete your task of copying Blu-ray or protected DVD disc.

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